About Varadise Limited

Varadise Limited is a company that builds next generation Digital Twin Platform for construction industry and facility management, and improve operation efficiency by promoting Real time collaboration and Big Data intellegient management.

Digital twin is listed by Gartner as one of the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends in 2017 ,2018 and 2019. It can be served as:

  • Digital Project Management Hub, Digital Works Supervision Platform and Smart Site Supervision System, monitoring construction activities and quality
  • Digital Facility Management Hub, real time managing equipment operation, asset condition and daily operation status

Varadise Twin

Varadise Twin is a Cloud Digital Twin platform, which serves as next generation 4D collaboration platform.

It connects with IoT and your in-house systems, centralizing and managing live construction and facility data in one single platform. Project team can visualize everything about construction project in 4D BIM on a mobile device.

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Varadise Twin features

Connecting live data to BIM

4D Digital Project Management

Real Time Issue Tracking

Progress Reporting & Presentation in BIM

Project Intelligence

Virtual Project Assistant

Service & Functions

Varadise Twin runs on SaaS (Software as a service) model. We provide:

  1. Digital Works Supervision Platform for your to monitor and manage your construction project
  2. Digital Facility Management Platform to collect live data from your equipment and manage your facility

Besides items provided on the left, we also provide other digitalization integration service. Please contact us for more details.

Who should use Varadise Twin?

Property Developer

Looking for a centralized cloud platform for managing property development information.

Achieve real time sharing and collaborating with designers/architects during design stage.

Build data foundation for future facility management in digital twin, and manage facility in a smarter way.

Designer & Architect

Looking to share 3D spatial design information on a single platform.

Manage design data, and collaborate with different teams internally and externally, and eliminate design conflicts.

Run design validity and quality check automatically.

Construction Engineer

Looking to manage project digitally in 4D BIM.

Connects with different internal or external systems/innovations to monitor everything about projects, and report/collaborate with other parties in BIM CDE.

Provide full visibility and traceability to construction records.

Or if you are looking to achieve one of the following...

Looking for a CDE for BIM collaboration

Drive Construction Innovation

Drive business transformation with a good data foundation

Futurist working on smart city

How should I apply digital twin in my project or business?

In general, value of data increases when integrated. Varadise Twin integrates and analyzes data, and enhances productivity by streamlining or automating daily workflow:

  • Set up Varadise Twin as data warehouse for project or enterprise.
  • Upload or Synchronize BIM to Varadise Twin
  • Integrate with in-house systems for data exchange and connects business data to BIM
  • Exchange, analyze and report business data together with BIM data, e.g. showing abnormal issues real time in 3D, and trigger alert automatically.
  • Innovate your workflows and business processes.
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Where are we?

Our office is at:

Room 505, 19W, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin

Contact Us

You may contact us to learn more about the vision we have, or discuss any problems that you have in mind!